About Us

Our goal is to use technology to build a better experience while keeping the human element in a very personal industry.

So many companies in real estate want to use technology to replace people.

We believe that people will always be needed in this industry.

We believe that technology can help make the process easier. That it can make it easier to learn, to find your home, and to move into your new home.

However, you still need people. Such as a real estate agent who can advise you, a home inspector who can teach you, and a lender who can work with you.

At Homeplete, we want to provide the technology to make your life easier, and to connect you with the people who will do what technology can’t. 

Our Team

Trey Tatro

Trey Tatro


When I first started as a real estate agent, someone asked me why they should refer someone to me rather than another agent they knew. My first thought was: "you probably shouldn't, I'm sure the other agent knows more than I do." The seed for Homeplete was planted.

Favorite Ice Cream: Coffee (or Mocha Swirl)

Ariel Margolis

Ariel Margolis

Communications & Education

An e-learning developer and avid MMA fan, Ariel's skills and entrepreneurial spirit brought him to Homeplete where he designs the educational and UI training components for the company. His passion for education is equal to his commitment to Star Wars - both are his top priority.

Favorite Ice Cream: Death by Chocolate

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