Homeplete Agent Referral Agreement

Last Updated: January 1, 2019


  • 20% Referral Fee
  • Transaction progress updated with Homeplete
  • May not give referral client to another agent

This agreement is between Homeplete and the agent who submits their information through the Agent Survey (Agent).


​The Homeplete Agent Referral Program (Program) seeks to connect leads with the agent who can best serve the needs of the potential client(s).  

​Homeplete will act as a liaison between potential clients and Agent. Homeplete will generate leads, discuss with potential client(s) their real estate needs and note all information provided, or provide all information provided through our online form. After this discussion, Homeplete will identify a real estate agent within the Program who specializes in the specific needs of the potential client(s). This is decided by factors including desired location, desired price range, desired property type, any identified specialized request (first-time home buyer for example), as well as communication preferences. Homeplete will contact chosen agent to confirm they are available to assist the potential client(s). If so, Homeplete will provide an introduction between potential client(s) and chosen agent, along with all notes regarding potential client’s real estate needs. Homeplete will also send a referral form to the Agent to be signed by them and their broker.


​Agent will notify Homeplete by email, within 24 hours, of the following events:

  • Potential client signs with Agent to become client.
  • When an offer is accepted (including settlement date).
  • When the property is listed (seller client).
  • When settlement occurs.
  • If client or Agent terminate agreement. Agent must also provide Homeplete with reason for termination (this will allow Homeplete to continue to improve our matching prcoess).


​Agent agrees to, upon settlement, pay to Homeplete (via Brokerage – as listed on client referral form) based on the following commission splits.

All referral transaction commissions will split 80/20 (80% to Agent’s brokerage and 20% to Homeplete’s brokerage). If Agent represents client for selling a property and purchase of another, both transactions will fall under this agreement as will be included in the referral notes.

Commercial and Land transaction commissions will be split 80/20 (80% to Agent’s brokerage and 20% to Homeplete’s brokerage). If client intends to buy, sell, or lease multiple properties, and has provided detailed information about properties during discussion with Homeplete (location, price range, sqft range, approximate dates, etc.), then this agreement will apply to all properties reasonably described and as included in the referral notes.

Investor clients will fall under the category respective of their investment. A residential property with four or less units will be considered residential. Land, commercial property, or residential property with more than four units will be considered commercial or land.

Rental clients (tenant and listing) will not be charged a referral fee. As of 8/1/18, rental clients will not be referred through our network.


​This Agreement does not guarantee any amount of potential client introductions. Potential clients will not be obligated to work with Agent once introduced and may still interview additional agents. Homeplete may make multiple agent introductions for potential client if requested by client (as long as an agent agreement is not in effect).

Homeplete does list the names of vendors (Lenders, Inspectors, Movers, etc.) throughout the website and within the moving manager tool (by MoveEasy). Site users and clients may choose to work with these vendors at any point during their transaction. These vendors are not considered recommendations to clients and Homeplete encourages Agents to make vendor recommendations to their clients when they feel it is appropriate.

TRANSFER: Agent may not give client lead, or transfer client, to another agent or member of their team. If Agent is unable or unwilling to assist client, Agent must state so when asked if able to assist client prior to being connected with client. Agent may request another agent to assist with client on a temporary basis (such as vacation, family or medical emergency, etc.) however this will not alter gross commission split as agreed between Agent and Homeplete.

TERMINATION: This agreement is for all client connections provided by Homeplete to Agent effective beginning on the date this agent submits form to join agent referral network. This agreement will automatically terminate if Homeplete or Agent no longer have an active real estate license. This agreement will remain enforceable for any client(s) introduced by Homeplete to Agent if this agreement is terminated while Agent is still working on behalf of client(s). Either party may terminate this agreement at any time. If you wish to terminate your agreement and be removed from the referral network, please send an email to Hello@Homeplete.com

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