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Our goal is to help home buyers and sellers through the entire real estate process.

Our four services (education, home search, connecting with an agent, moving manager) allow us to help someone from the time they learn how to improve their credit score to the day they are moved in and ready to start the cycle again. 

As a result, we are not trying to insert ourselves into the exact moment where a person becomes a lead. We are part of the entire process. Simply put, we provide the necessary pieces as they are needed.

This means we don’t send you leads, rather we bring you into the process when a client needs an agent. Furthermore, we aim to match them with the one agent we believe is the best fit. That means we are making a direct referral to you, not you and a couple other agents.

We match the right agent. not the top agent.

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When we have a referral for you, we will call to make sure you're available to help.

After that, we'll introduce you by email along with your agent profile.

agents from all brokerages are welcome.

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5 Factors We Use To Match Clients and Agents


Communication Style

Do you go in-depth on every aspect for your client?

Maybe you're more to the point?

Matching your communication style to the preference of a client allows for a better experience for you and your client.


Specializations and Niche

Work a lot with veterans?

Perhaps equestrian properties are your thing.

You work hard to be an expert in your niche, we think you should get a chance to let that show.

property type icon

Property Type

You know that each property type has it's own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. Not to mention market demand can change for every property type.

We want to put your expertise to work for clients.

price icon

Price Point

You've built your business around a price point that works for you.

We know both you and clients benefit when this is a match.

location icon


We all know the importance of location in real estate.

When it's an area you know inside and out, you and the client win.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few. 

First, we only accept full-time agents. We also require all agents to have at least two (2) years of full-time experience as an agent. 

Other than that, we only ask that you agree to and follow our agent agreement with referral clients.

It’s completely free to join and be part of our referral network. 

We only charge a 20% referral fee for our client introductions. Since it’s a referral fee, it is only paid from the commission if the transaction closes. This means we don’t make money unless you make money. 

No, and there is no premium or any other level of membership. There is no way to pay to receive more referrals.

Our site offers four services (all free) to home buyers and sellers. 

Of course, we do our own marketing as well.

We believe your commission rate should be decided by you and the client. 

We do not ask you any information regarding your commission rates. Likewise, we do not discuss your commission rate with clients. Our fee is a referral fee of 20% of the commission rate you set. We do not ask any information about your commission rates because it is not a factor when choosing an agent for a client. 

We do not guarantee any referrals. Our agent matching is based on several factors to help narrow down the right agent for the client’s needs. 

We chose quality over quantity. Remember, we want to match the right agent with the right client. We want your conversion rate to be as close to 100% for our referrals as we can get.

Once we have a client we want to connect you with, we will call you to make sure you are available to assist them. If you are, then we send an introduction to you and the client via email with a copy of your agent profile attached. We’ll follow up in a day or two if we haven’t seen communication from either side.

We strongly encourage you to read our Agent Agreement to understand the entire process.

It’s a snapshot of you and your business. We take some of your information and put that into a profile for referral clients to review and get to know more about you. This way, if you aren’t able to follow up with them right away, they at least know who they are expecting a call from.

This includes your picture, name, contact, your background and experience. We also ask some questions in the form to join our network to include some icebreakers in your profile.

Don’t worry about taking time to build it, we build it for you! Once it’s complete, we’ll send it to you for your review before it ever goes to any clients.

No! We aren’t a brokerage, just a referral service. 

Agents from all brokerages are welcome to join our referral network.

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