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Frequently Asked Questions

Nope. Our tools, services, and content are all free to you. 

The agent we introduce you to still earns a commission when they help you buy a home, but we let you and your agent discuss their commission.

The agent we match you with is based on several factors: Communication Style, Specialization (if applicable), Property Type, Price Range, and of course Location.

No! We do not charge agents to join or be part of our referral network. We believe that the agent we introduce you to should be the right fit for you, not someone who paid to talk with you.

Whenever we introduce you to an agent, they agree to pay us a referral fee. The referral fee comes from their commission at the end of the transaction. Which means if we introduce you to an agent and they don’t close on a home for you, they don’t pay us. 

Again, this comes out of their commission as a percentage of their commission. This is common in the real estate industry, and is not a separate fee that they pass on to you. 

Here’s a few reasons. 

  1. You aren’t obligated to work with any agent we introduce you to. Don’t like our choice? We’re happy to introduce you to another agent, just let us know. 
  2. We don’t make money unless the agent we introduce you to gets the result you hired them for. See ‘How does Homeplete make money?’ above to learn more.
  3. The agent we introduce you to is picked specifically for your move. We get to know about them and their business in advance, so when you tell us what you’re looking for, we already know the agent who is a good fit for you.

We don’t control or influence an agent’s commission rate. We believe you and the agent should discuss this and come to an agreement that you are both comfortable.

Typically, you will hear about a 5-6% commission fee. This is the fee that is split between the buyer agent and the listing (seller) agent, which would mean 2.5-3% to the buyer agent side, and the same to the seller agent side. This is just an example of a standard commission, but again it’s best to have this conversation with your agent.

No, we are a referral network. Agent’s work with their brokerage, which you will see on their agent profile. 

We work with agents from brokerages of all sizes, from the largest in the world to local family-owned offices. It is common for agents to change the office they work with, which is why we partner with each agent individually to join our network.

No need! We’ve interviewed every agent in our referral network so we can easily pick for you. Don’t worry, you’ll get a profile of the agent with an explanation why they were chosen (that way you know we didn’t just draw a name out of hat).

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