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What's the market value of my home?

We’re happy to help answer this question for you. Please fill out the information below and we’ll put together a report for you based on comparable homes that have recently sold and are currently on the market.

Most of the questions are optional, but the more information you provide us, the more accurate we can make your report.

Please note: The estimated value we provide is only an estimate. For a more accurate number, we recommend you speak with your listing agent. 

This is up to you, the more information you provide us the more information we can factor into your home estimate. 

We’ll look at homes that have sold in the past six months that are similar to yours. This may extend to 12 months if there are not enough sold homes in six months. We may also include homes that are currently on the market, but homes that have sold give you the best indication.

We’ll include information of all the homes that are factored in your report.

Our estimate is based on the information you provide. However, there is a lot more that can go into the value of your home.

Consider the following: Perhaps you’ve renovated your kitchen or bathrooms. Or, maybe you replaced the roof two years ago.

Your listing agent will consider factors like these in comparison to homes that have recently sold to recommend a market value that takes all aspects of your home into consideration.

We understand you will probably look for a few opinions on the estimated value of your home. We include the estimated value from a few resources, including Zillow. 

This is to help you have easy access to multiple estimates without spending the time to gather them from multiple resources.

Unfortunately we can only provide a report for areas covered in our home search.

However, if you are outside of that area and would still like an estimate, we will gladly match you with a listing agent who can provide you with a more accurate answer than we can.

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